The Fair is Finally Here!

Hey everybody, the Fair is finally here! Hey, that rhymes a little I guess. No? Eh, whatever! Anyways, the Fair looks awesome! I think CP did an amazing job! What do you think?

fair here

Hard to see me in that big place with so many other penguins, huh?

fair here2

I hope you guys enjoy the Fair! Log on to Club Penguin and check it out for yourselves! For some reason I can’t play the Daily spin though. I click it and  nothing happens! Well, maybe it’s just a bug. I’ll contact CP if it doesn’t stop. But enough talking, let’s get to playing the games! I’m gonna earn some tickets! I want to get every item available. Speaking of which, this is my first Fair, were these items ever available before? It would be cool to get some Old CP items. I seem to find some rooms familiar, as I HAVE seen them before, just never actually interacted with them. Why am I still posting? It’s time to earn some tickets!


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2 Responses to The Fair is Finally Here!

  1. zujojo says:

    Hi! I saw you chat with trainman on Cp memories. I think your blog is doing great. I could use work, but you’ll get there. Be careful, you may have bad commenters as you blog. Good Luck
    Remember me as your inspiration, Zujojo


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